Influx of spam?

New here... never had much reason to be mad at until recently!

Is anyone else getting a HUGE amount of spam on their stories? :( On my old account, someone spammed every chapter of every story, THEN did it again in the same day.

Also, the block feature? Completely. Useless.

Now I just made a new account, and in one night five accounts have spammed it.

Is this happening to anyone else!?

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I hate that site, but I've gotta use it

I heard about the lyrics thing and I know I eventually had to bring down and/or edit some of my greatest stories like Best Man Steals the Bride (Very popular inuyasha story of mine)and I already took down all my Animaniacs (different reasons though.)

I like the idea of saying 'sorry, but has bastardized this fanfic.' One day they are going to catch on to my old but great stories and just delete them without a second thought. Man oh man!

I am going to do it though, but I won't use the same terms. I'll make sure everyone follows my lead to my profile to my originals instead. Make them work for me and take their viewers away. Ha! actually eliminated one of my unpopular fics but there wasn't even one cussword in it. OMG! Can you imagine if they didn't allow cussing anymore? We're safe for kids and people who don't like cussing!

That should be their motto, except of course yaoi and yuri seems fine. It's just a matter of time though.

I'd love to have an archive that was just as popular to put my stuff on, but everyone still goes to so I have to use it. Damn. I've looked at but all it is is smut. I needed something that was further than but not I've made a little efiction archive, but I hope something comes along soon.

Edit: I went ahead and changed one of my stories. I decided since I had to edit everything I might as well just get rid of the cussing. They've gotten rid of everything else, in a few years maybe they won't allow that. I don't know, but I am NOT going back to fix it anymore.

I've had a few reviewers who followed me back to my site (for original version) but I have one uppity thing that says 'this sucks, you need to fix the whole thing to apply to their rules so it reads nicer'. Well, that's the gentle way of saying it. (Most likely she didn't like the word replacements. I mostly used microsoft word find and replace so I didn't have to read the whole thing with as keen an eye.) Ugh! I'm not reading and rewriting 26 chapters just for, nor will I mess with the story again. People will either follow me to the original version, or complain about what's on That's it.
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Current status of script format on

As you may have read, has created a new "plays/musicals" section thanks to growing interest.

I took the opportunity to write a letter to the category request e-mail:

"Given that "plays and musicals" has been added as a category, I would like to request that script format be allowed back on the site. After all, those plays and musicals were most likely written as scripts, and so that option should be given for the fan responses to them."

I was given this response:

"This is something we would like to do, in the perfect world. However, there are perhaps only a dozen people on the site that will actually use real script formatting. We are over generalizing of course but the reality is that 99.9% of the scripts are nothing more than IM chats. Kids now-a-days do not make a distinction between a script and their sms which is unfortunate for the rest of the site members."

So, it seems to me that the best idea is to write in and request that the site clearly outline what "script format" is, and ask to be allowed to write in that style. Who else is with me?
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How to contact

It's a little irritating too when banned NC-17 fics and I've noticed too that they are a lot stricter than necessary which is disappointing because they lost a good deal of fans.

So here's what I'm miffed about just right now, I couldn't find any email address (except for that would/could grant another new category. I've requested 2 categories before but when I tried using the address (, it returned to me which means there's no available email address as such.

Do you happen to know what to do? Thank you very much. Happy new year to all.
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Hey, I've been having a problem with, couldn't get to the help page, so I found this community. I hadn't been able to log in for 2 or 3 days. Today I can finally log in, but I can't upload any documents! I really wanna upload my next chapter but I can't! According to the front page of the problems are anyone know what's going on?????
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Just a little ranting..

Are people alive D:

Hey, if there's anything that you've had to "censor" thanks to some of FF.N's fucked up policies (such as lyrics from other artists, etc), be sure to let your readers know that FF.N bastardized you. I don't think it's right for them to make us waste time to go back and change things that shouldn't need to be changed, so a while ago, I decided to put "- This section has been bastardized by FF.N. Thank you. -" in place of every section I've had to change. Today, I realized some of my fics didn't have this justified message on it, so I tried to upload some updated documents to replace the old ones... and now FF.N's document manager keeps giving me "errors" when I try to upload one of my fics (this one). ... Yeah.

Heheh, sorry if I sounded a little too fired-up... but hot damn, ff.n needs to shape up or disintegrate inside their own feces already. The Chinese government's censoring isn't the only senseless thing out there.

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